Kiki DeVlieger

What if you had the chance to experience the hero’s journey? 

As a storyteller, I’ve always been fascinated with the monomyth and the seemingly endless possibilities for its application. Through my scholarly research with the GVSU Library Summer Scholar’s Program, I had the opportunity to study the monomyth’s structure as well as examine many of the ways this framework is being applied to everyday situations. 

Through my coursework I’ve taken that in many different avenues from visual art, creative writing, non-fiction writing, and presentations. I write a wide range of narratives, from creating content to tell the stories of local businesses to writing fairy tales to sharing personal childhood stories. This year I’ve written stories on topics ranging from loneliness in a big city, a classic fairy tale, the history of unicorns, the LOTR original artwork, the history of American Sign Language and the Deaf Community, website accessibility and the etymology of mermaids.

Above all, I am enamoured with books; writing what will someday be a published novel, reading a range of genres, and collecting a vast number of science fiction and fantasy paperbacks. I spend most of my money in second-hand bookstores and far too much time digging through boxes and looking over shelves of thrift stores and garage sales. 

A current student studying Writing and English Literature at Grand Valley State University, I’m working on the distinction in writing, as well as the undergraduate research/creative scholars distinction. I’ve taken my scholarly work to the community, working this semester as an OURS ambassador, sharing my research journey. I’ve also begun on the McNair Scholars track, preparing for a PhD. 

I have two children, two cats, and an amazingly supportive husband who helps make all my writing dreams come true.