Tunnel in the Sky: Robert A. Heinlein


one paperback copy of Tunnel In the Sky in good condition.


This was published in 1977 by Ballantine Books. This paperback copy is in good condition- has a missing top corner, damage to the top of the spine, and a stamp on the inner cover.

Back Cover Description:

“It was just a test…

But something had gone wrong. Terribly wrong. What was to have been a standard ten-day survival test had suddenly become an indefinite life-or-death nightmare.

Now they were stranded somewhere in the universe, beyond contact with Earth… at the other end of a tunnel in the sky. This small group of young men and women, divested of all civilized luxuries and laws, were being forced to forge a future of their own… a strange future in a strange land where sometimes not even the fittest could survive!”

I rate this book a 4/5 personally.


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